Einstein Quiz -- Winners Announced

  1. CPresson
  2. Grant Queenin
  3. Lance Ahlberg

Thanks to those who sent me answers...

Sorry the winnners weren't announced sooner: this entry was written, but lost, during the moved from the previous domain.

cpressonIntellectual giant CPresson is the winner of the very challenging Einstein Quiz, published in January.

I've included a cross-section of C Presson's brain, in which you should note his obvious mental prowess:

analysis of C Presson's brain, demonstrating extreme mental prowess.

Runner-up is mental heavyweight Grant Queenin.

And third by a whisker is the clever Lance Ahlberg.

There is no actual prize -- but should I ever invent a faster than light spaceship, then I promise that CPresson will be allowed to borrow my old car for a week. Grant can have it for a day. And Lance, well, he can drive it up and down the driveway for about ten minutes. Third is, after all, third.

If you are searching for the answer to the Einstein Quiz, well, I'm not going to give it to you. It is, however, available on the comment page of the quiz itself.


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