Fat Kid's PIN is '2751'

An obese private school boy, aged fifteen, who purchased a large Slurpee and two chocolate bars from seven-eleven about five minutes ago, using a National Australia Bank Eftpos Card, after pushing past me, has the Personal Identification Number '2-7-5-1'.

This information, broadcast via the boy's habit of mouthing the numbers while he typed them, could be of benefit to Australian thieves, should they happen to snatch a keycard from an obese private school student in the Brisbane area. His rich parents are certain to have stuffed his bank account as full of money as he subsequently stuffed his face.

If you are a thief, mugger, pick-pocket or burglar, the following artist's rendition of the child may help you to identify him:

the fat kid

Note that the artist (using creature house expression 3, from microsoft, beta version of a vector based drawing program, a free download) utterly failed to capture the slack jaw, the vacant stare, the sluggish eyebrows, the second and third chins, the puffy lips, or the smell.

I wish you good luck, Thieves of Australia, and I sincerely hope that he, and those like him, will refrain from pushing past other customers of the 7-11 in future. ;+)


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