A Kilo of Days Ground

So The Daily Grind is just about set to celebrate it's 1000th edition!

Mike Gunderloy is an industry legend. If you want to feel that you're keeping up with the vast amount of new stuff that the programming world keeps throwing at you, all you need to do is visit the Daily Grind, daily. Here's looking forward to another 1000! You don't need to subscribe to any blogs. Check the Daily Grind every day, and you're up to date. Anything you subscribe to beyond that is purely for entertainment.

Well, here's a bunch of stuff. I can't really say what ties it together -- it's largely code generator type stuff that's been taking background braincycles away from me lately. Mostly stuff I found thanks to Larkware.

Somethings gonna happen here. Something... else... altogether.

  • SubSonic -- 'the Zero Code DAL' -- a ruby on rails inspired code generator for asp.net, that presents a clever compromise between ORM and 'code generator overdose'.
  • ActiveWriter -- entity modelling tool, that creates .Net classes with ActiveRecord attributes (used by Castle Project).
  • NextGeneration -- a code generator app by some clever Australian. Not a lot written about it that I could find. My experience with it was mixed. I'd say 'has potential'.
  • Web Client Software Factory -- guidance from the patterns n practices gang at MS. Haven't even looked at this yet.
  • protara -- seems to be an entire language and development platform. Worked for me, though i'm not sure what i'd use it for, or who would be the real target audience for it. (Wow -- seems to be Australian too. I only wish I got the point of it.)
  • Aptana -- brilliant javascript IDE. Javscript intellisense, integration with popular web frameworks... incredible app. So useable.

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