ShinyPower Now Opensource

Need help getting started with Powershell? Or need help working out how to automate powershell from .Net?

I wrote a quick and dirty tool a few months ago, called 'ShinyPower'. I've now made it open source, and available from CodePlex -- source code and all.

It's also been recompiled to use Powershell release candidate 2.

If you ever do any scripting/admin work on windows, and you haven't checked out powerShell yet, then today is the day! PowerShell is brilliant. Jeffrey Snover, the architect behind powershell, really hit gold with the ideas in this tool. Jeff was interviewed on hanselminutes last week, and there've been a few other podcasts where you can hear him talk.

If I had time I'd also be polishing/releasing 'ShinyPower Analyser' a clone of SQL Analyser that you can use for developing PowerShell scripts (rather than SQL Scripts). If anyone wants to pay me good money to stop my other work and write this thing for a week, I promise it'd be ready. In the meantime, the excellent Karl Prosser has released a sophisticated tool called PowerShell Analyzer that is darn impressive and does things I'd never dream of doing. And Karl appears to be a New Zealander. In case you don't know, Aussies and Kiwis have a strange combination of rivalry and respect, based on shared experience. We both have trouble converting US formatted dates into real formats, for example. But I digress. ShinyPower Analyzer is similar to PowerShell Analyzer, but different in enough ways that I think it'd be worth finishing it and shipping.


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