Moveable Modal and a different kind of 'Modal' form

When one form in an application is modal: you can't *move* the underlying forms around.

This is a shame -- because often you need to see something in an underlying form, to help you decide what to enter into the current form.

It's okay that you can't interact with the client area of the underlying forms... but it would be good if you could move the underlying forms around.

It's a tricky problem though: it would be hard to let you move one of those non-modal forms around without giving them focus...

The top-most modal form would need to be 'always on top' for the application, so that while moving underlying forms around, you can't "lose" the form you are supposed to be working on. Anyway. That is my feature request for today.

And here's another idea that i had about modal forms...

There is such a thing as 'modal for the application' -- meaning that 'of all the forms in this application, the modal one will have focus'.

And there is the rather brutal concept of 'modal for the system' meaning that nothing else can be done on that machine until this form is taken care of.

What about: "Modal for the organisation" meaning that every machine in a company is locked until that one form has been taken care of. The form might appear on everyone's machine, or just on one person's machine. I haven't figured out the specifics. I is just ideas rat.

And of course there should be "Modal for the internet" meaning that nothing can occur on the entire internet until a particular question has been answered.

And finally, "universal modal" -- meaning that the entire universe is frozen at absolute zero with not a single molecule so much as jiggling, until a particular form has been taken care of.

(Note this shouldn't be the default behaviour for many application)

(Also, this reminds me of a quote from (Leo Tolstoy? Henry Miller?) -- "We have not yet decided the question of the existence of god, and you wish to eat!?")


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