Holes In Team Foundation Server Are Good Things (Teched 2005 Australia)

Every time they mention a hole in the functionality, they say:

"Oh, that part represents an interesting opportunity for a community project."

For example there's no 'WorkItem Editor' -- but they hope that the people at TeamSystemRocks.com will come up with one.

Man, I wish we could say the same thing to clients.

"Sorry I left the General Ledger out of your Accounting Package. I think this presents you, the client, with an interesting opporunity for an outsourcing project."

Or I could say the same thing to my boss:

"Sorry I annoyed your clients and told them to take their business elsewhere, then got drunk in the office and puked in the staff kitchen. I think this presents you, my boss, with an interesting opportunity for a staff-turnover project."

Or to the good wifey:

"It's excellent that I forgot your birthday, our anniversary, the kid's birthdays; and I burnt down your mother's house! Think of it as an opportunity to visit single's bars and finally meet the forty-eight year-old divorcee, with an eye patch and scrufola, of your dreams. Lucky, lucky you"

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