The Where, the Who and the Why of Steve Lombardi

Where is Steve Lombardi? It's not something I've ever needed to know -- but if i want to know, i just have to go to the where is steve web page. I can see his location, live, on a map, at any time. Pretty clever stuff, based on MS MapPoint.

But Who is Steve Lombardi? Well that's a tricky question. I'm certain he's a very intelligent man. But based on this interview i found, i could equally well conclude that he is a crazy nut case.


And his picture seems to concur ;-)

Steve Lombardi. Quite the hairdo.

(here's a quick tip for the editors of 'mp2kmag': unedited interviews read like crazy nonsense.)

The good news is that if Steve really is as crazy as the interview makes him seem, then it's okay. It will be no trouble for some Crime Syndicate to connect one of their laser-guided missile-systems to the "Where is steve?" page, and blow him off the planet. (Crime Syndicates are good at this stuff, particularly the bad guys on 'Alias'). But after reading more about this technology at other, better edited websites, including articles by Steve himself, I conclude that he not only deserves to live, but has a right to ongoing gainful employment.

Why mention Steve? because he's talking at Tech.Ed australia, about MapPoint, that's why.

Were I going to Tech.Ed, I would definitely be going to Steve's lecture. And Mitch Denny's. Were I going. :-(


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