Why Am I Here?

Are you grumpy about debugging? Sick of staggering blindly up and down the stack?


StackStumbler OAI

StackStumbler helps you view multiple levels of the stack at once... and helps you answer the ancient philosophical question "Why am I here?"


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Once again, it's only an idea (OAI), not real at all... sorry.

Test Driven Dev afficionados would of course say that a nice set of unit tests should mean you rarely need to use a debugger.(Just when debugging has gotten good it's become obsolete! such is life.)

On another track, something I like is: 'del.icio.us'. Mmmm. Full of nifty links, is del.icio.us. And an award winningly clever name. In particular I like the way they use shades of grey to graphically indicate the number of times each link has been suggested. I just might do the same thing with my sock drawer.


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