Nobody Can Eat Fifty Eggs.

If you've ever needed to know exactly how many eggs my brother John collects from his hens in any given week -- wonder no more!

John's Hen Monitoring web site gives you a graphical display of the weekly egg output.

egg monitoring

The man is rich in eggs.

It's reminiscent of...

...trixie update which keeps you up to date with exact figures on the sleep, diaper and bottle habits of one very over-analysed infant.

baby monitoring

And that in turn is similar to, produced by the Cuban Council, which provides realtime information on the mood of any geek who wishes to contribute.


I'm not exactly excited about a future in which us (and all our pets) will be permanently hooked into one giant battery-hen style fattening-farm, with all of our vital readings being broadcast for consumption by faceless web services, feeding the industrial-military-corporate-complex. but you can't stop progress.

In order to take part in this analytical orgy i present:

Number of Times Ziggy (the kitten) attempted to eat my breakfast in the last three days despite my insistent cries of 'oi! get down!'*

Date# attempts
29 July(2)
28 July(0)(kitten was excellent)
27 July(9)

* Don't rely upon these figures in order to make financial decisions. Consult an independent financial adviser first.

Uh, thanks.


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