The Real-Time online JQuery Editor

the Real Time online JQuery Editor

Here is it -- 'the Real Time online JQuery Editor', or RTJQE for short.

Where do we start? Paul Stovell built a nifty little wpf app called JQueryPad.

It promises to get rid of the need to Alt-Tab while deving (and debugging) your JQuery code.

No, we have to go back earlier than that: Square free realtime html editor came out years ago... (I blogged about it in 2005)

So I got the two ideas and smashed them together in the large hadron collider that is my tiny brain.

The result is 'the Real Time online JQuery Editor', or RTJQE for short. It's guaranteed to work in every browser, except IE, and you may experience some quirks in Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. ;-)


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