VS2005 Tip: Which file am I working on?

track active item in solution explorer

I have it on good authority that the option "Track Active Item in Solution Explorer" is OFF by default in Visual Studio 2005.

(It was on for me... but my build is... kind a weird)

In this case, you won't know which exact file you're working on: only its name. This is a huge pain if you've got multiple projects that each contain files with the same name (e.g. "Web.config")

So if this is a problem for you... head into Tools | Options | "Projects and Solutions" | General and check the check box for "Track Active Item in Solution Explorer"

Good night!

track active item in solution explorer: off by default for web profile

(oh here's why it's sometimes on, sometimes off: "By default, the C# profile has this disabled, while the Web profile has this on" -- thanks to Scott Guthrie)


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