Two Flies! Bet Now!

So someone has made a channel where you watch two pet fish (unwittingly) play each other at Street Fighter II

It's a logical extension of someone who made a live feed of a fish playing pokemon.

And someone else (in the comments at Hacker News) points out there is a site where you can bet virtual currency on AI playing computer games against each other

Meanwhile: Australians are said to be so addicted to gambling we would bet on two flies crawling up a wall.

How can we directly monetise this?

I need two walls, two flies.... or rather one wall with a division, so that the two flies are kept separate.

A camera that can see both and track their positions....

I hear that 'OpenCV' is the library to use for this sort of thing. Here's the guide to installing OpenCV on windows, and developing apps with OpenCV inside Visual Studio.

How to organise a bet involving two flies?

At a point in time, X, we look at the position of the fly on the left and the fly on the right, and draw two virtual horizontal lines to represent their starting positions. (A left starting position and a right starting position).

We then start a countdown timer at 90 seconds, and also draw two virtual finish lines that are a fixed distance above the starting positions.

If either fly reaches their finish line, that fly is the winner. If neither fly reaches the finish line when the timer reaches 0, then the highest fly is picked as victorious.

To ensure continuous betting is possible, we have one further rule: If a fly starts more than half way up the wall then their target is below them: their goal is to walk down the wall, not up it.

The flies are given gruesome competitive names like Blood-drinker and Face-Eater. They have their own legions of fans and admirers.

Rumours that the flies are entirely digitally rendered are just that. Unproven... if well-founded... rumours. Nothing more!

The crucial thing is to select flies that have high winning stats and then allow them to breed. (I guess it's easier to just eliminate the flies that do poorly)

There are two paths ahead of me. One of them is to remain a regular work-a-day Joe. The other is to become rich beyond my wildest dreams by farming maggots. Decisions decisions.


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