Boothby, a personal database

I have this problem where friends of mine keep having babies.

I don't know if you've been to school, but if you have you might know that the mathematics of having babies is pretty scary. Take rabbits. You start with two rabbits, leave them alone for a little while and next thing there's a heck of a lot of rabbits. There's an exponent involved. It's all quite sinister.

The trouble with this growing number of babies is that I'm expected to remember all their names and genders and ages and so on. But while their numbers are exponentially growing my brain is not undergoing so much as linear expansion. If anything it's contracting of late.

And while there's already places online for storing these 'social graphs' they fail miserably at the kind of remembering I need help with and are more hellbent on serving me ads than easing my mental burden.

Then I saw that Steven Frank just implemented something similar to what I wanted, he called it Dossier, so rather than implementing something from scratch, I could steal all his ideas and re-brand them as my own.

Hence I wrote this thing, Boothby.

It's for storing the things you can't remember.

Try Boothby Online Right Now.

Later I might make it a little standalone kayak app, that you can install on your own computers, and sync via dropbox etc.

Or I could charge you 10 bucks a month to grant you access to your own private online instance. That's the business to be in.


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