Your next text editor is... MetaNote!

two toolbar buttons titled Lower and Upper.
Example: two toolbar buttons
titled 'Lower' and 'Upper'.

two toolbar buttons titled Lower and Upper.
Right click the toolbar to edit a button
(or add a new one)

two toolbar buttons titled Lower and Upper.
The button hosts a python macro that does whatever you want. (The current
document's main textbox is exposed as txt.)

two toolbar buttons titled Lower and Upper.
Add more buttons, edit the menus...
everything's extenisble... everything.

I've open-sourced a side project of mine, MetaNote.

Here's the gist of it...

MetaNote is a text editor. Ultimately, MetaNote intends to be the most versatile editor imaginable.

See that button in the toolbar? Right click on it, and edit the code behind it.

Don't like the way 'Find' works? -- right click on it, and edit the code.

Need a new button in the toolbar? So add it already, with a single click.

Share packs of extensions and macros with other users.

Everything in MetaNote is under your control, effortlessly, at runtime.

It's easier to show than to describe -- maybe the pictures on the right give you the idea.

The source code is available to browse or download. This is very much pre-alpha. It is explorative and non-commercial.

binaries are also available to download.

The project is written in C#, and I need your help getting it done.

I've got many of the basics done, but I'm only at the tip of what's needed.

I'm looking for clever kids like you, willing to help out.

What do you think? Can you take a look at the code, and lend your fellow programmer a few minutes of your time?

this feature needs you!

I'm not doing it for any commercial gain, i just want a text editor that I can bend to the whims of whatever writing task I come across.

There's a great many features still in need of implementing, and already there are wrong turns to be corrected.

Down the track I really want to find some way to embed the WPF-based Text Editor Control from VS2010. It's the same one used in intellipad (part of Oslo) and in Powershell 2.0's (awesome) Integrated Scripting Environment -- I didn't have any success bringing it to life just yet. So, for now the text is plain text, and features like syntax highlighting and intellisense will have to wait.

One of my mentors tells me the smart approach would be to bring in MEF for giving a really powerful plugin model, where plugins can have plugins and so on.

The intermediate goal though, is just to make the tool sweet enough that I'd use it for my own day to day text editing needs.

And one day, hopefully one day soon, this thing won't suck at all.


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