Concurrency Bug in all editions of Visual Studio

more than 1 visual studio open... settings will be gazumped

You often have more than one copy of visual studio open. When you change a setting in visual studio, the change will be wiped out if you close another copy of visual studio after you close the current one.

This is a frustrating bug, and one that could be addressed in simple ways. The best approach would be if settings were merged together. Say I've changed the C# settings in one instance of visual studio, and I've changed the tool box settings in another instance. There's no conflict there, so all settings could be merged together.

Okay, so that's difficult. How about if settings are only saved then they've been changed. That would be enough to fix a good percentage (perhaps the majority) of problems with concurrency.

The current "Last In Wins" approach is really out of place -- when you consider how much effort they've put into the rest of the settings architecture. There's at least fifteen pages about settings at msdn..


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