Too Many Damn Arrows in VS.Net!

You too can smack your head in wonder, at the simple features you have missed.

Mike Lansdaal did a very nice job of writing a 'Go Back' feature for Visual Studio.Net 2003 (thanks to the Daily Grind). It's nicely integrated into the IDE and so on, here's a little picture.

However, it's completely obsolete because the feature already exists up on the toolbar of Visual Studio.

Here's what Mike said when it was pointed out:

Well, what an embarrassment. I've been using VS2002 and 2003 for over three years now and I have to say that I never noticed those commands. I bet there are other features that I haven't used that are also waiting for discovery.

Mike's got no reason to be embarrassed. There's simply too many arrows on the toolbars of Visual Studio .Net.

How quickly can you name the purpose of all those arrows?


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