Exec Inline AddIn for Visual Studio 2005 -- Get It Now

Exec Inline for Visual Studio 2005

I still use the Exec-Inline addin now and then -- so I've updated it to work for VS 2005.

Download ExecInline 2005 Download ExecInline.zip

To install it:

  1. unzip this file -- ExecInline.zip -- into the folder:

    "C:\Documents and Settings\{Your Username}\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Addins"
  2. (If the folder doesn't exist -- create it!)

  3. Next time you start visual studio 2005 the tools menu should contain a new item: 'ExecInline' with a smiley face icon. (if not, check the Addins menu to see that it's loaded)

Select a snippet of your code, press 'ExecInline' -- and KAPOW! The snippet is executed all by itself.



As I've said before:

...all credit for this invention goes to these four places:

Code compilation retyped from jconwell's Dot Net Script Project at CodeProject.

Wrapper around compilation via dstang2000's DynamicCompileAndRun project.

Help with writing a VS Add-in: Scott Swigart, PasteAs Visual Basic Add-in

And help with getting the currently selected text from the IDE, via Kevin McFarlane's VS Csharp Macros page.

Also, the idea was partially inspired by Don Syme's F# interactive which I first saw mentioned on John Lam's website -- but mostly inspired by Ctrl-E from SQL Query Analyzer. In fact the more I look into this little side project the less credit I deserve. I am a flea on the back of bigger fleas, ad infinitum.


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