Lowering the ceiling instead of the floor

David Truxal points out how Visual Studio Hampers VB.Net

This again brings to mind a quote from Simpson's episode "You Only Move Twice", where Bart is stuck in a remedial class:

Teacher: Okay. Now, everyone take out your safety pencil and a circle of
paper. This week, I hope we can finish our work on the letter
Bart: Let me get this straight. We're behind the rest of our class
and we're going to catch up to them by going slower than they
are? [making "crazy" gesture] Cuckoo.
Kids: [imitating him] Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo.

The "My" namespace, by contrast, is a much cleverer solution to essentially the same problem.

Yes, i had to do a parody of this dialog.... okay, here it is... sorry paul! yet another difference between VB and C#

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