Switching off the OS

I was reading about these people switching to mac, and switching back from Mac and everything... and you know, i just thought: what a bunch of losers. So last season.

I finally made the switch away from operating systems. It was like a light switching off in my head.

I uninstalled all my operating system stuff. All i use now is a browser and a usb key.

I use google docs, google spreadsheets, google calendar, google mail. And for searching I use msn. i mean google.

Now that all my info is online I don't need a hard-drive either. Virtual memory goes onto the usb key. I took out the hard drive and just gave it to a kid who was walking down my street. What a liberating moment.

Drives for my remaining hardware are bundled into a self contained file that's called by a bootstrap from the BIOS. I used a bunch of stuff from sysinternals to extract the driver code away from the full windows drivers, like a surgeon removing healthy tissue from a tumour, and bundled them into a self-booting chunk of code on the afore mentioned usb key. Updates are gonna be tricky. I'll work aroud that when I get to it.

The only thing i don't have is a decent ide. Maybe lisp can help there.


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