Ruby versus .Net? If Languages (and IDE's) were Vehicles... what would you be driving?

Ruby: a racing house on wheelsRuby on Rails: jetpack bicycle

Ruby: Racing Bicycle

I'd describe Ruby as a racing bicycle. Highly maneuvrable, stylish, quick to launch etc. Yet not the greatest top speed, and some potential safety issues, due to the lack of compile-time type-checking. It's got its pros and its cons.

.Net: Motor Home

Dot Net is a house on freakin wheels. Has everything built in, good on the open road. But takes a while to get it started, less manuevrable in traffic and sometimes hard to park.

In the context of this metaphor you see how ridiculous this question is: "What feature can we add to .net to give it a ruby-like appeal?"

Or the metaphorical equivalent: "What feature can I add to my motor home to make it more like a bicycle?"

You don't really choose between these two things. You use the right vehicle for the job. Some morons would insist on using the same type of vehicle in every scenario. Be they bike bigots, MotorHome bigots, or anywhere in between.

Wait: but what about Ruby on rails?

Ruby on Rails: Jet Bicycle

I picture a jet pack on a bicyclist's back. And i quickly found just such an image! I chose thise over a motorcycle because i figured that RoR doesn't fundamentally alter Ruby -- it changes the way it's used.

You know, at this point the metaphor is just ridiculous and I'm close to just deleting this whole entry.

The jet pack implies more danger -- but the auto generated unit tests of RoR increase the safety, not the danger. If I upset some RoR fanboys, then all the better I guess. Those guys are so touchy. Go cry emo kid!

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Side note: I actually spelt maneuvrable right without any help from the google spell check! Very proud right here ;-).


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