What are the coolest XML projects? Really?

Oleg Tkachenko ran a competition, to give away a copy of Visual Studio Team System to whoever had the Coolest XML Project.

He just announced the winners, and a guy called Dave Pawson won, with a project for converting XML to braille. Good stuff Dave. But here's the weird part: I also won, thanks to a description of the next version of the World's Simplest Code Generator -- and also for leaking some details of a pet project of mine entitled, 'Forgiveness -- the easy way for humans to write xsl'

Here's a description of Dave's ubraille project...

"XML input. Sax parser, Java braille translator,
output in either XML (print braille format as
being developed by www.daisy.org) or ready for
the printer (embosser). Just reaching Alpha stage
and needs a port to C#."

If you have any interest or expertise in this area (including just skills porting Java to C#) I assume Dave would appreciate the support. There's a mailing list.

For my part, details of what i've promised to work on are as follows...

  • WSCG version 4

    desktop version of 'the worlds simplest code generator' -- the WSCG works by converting csv data into xml, and simple code snippets into xsl, then transforming one with the other and giving you the output.

  • 'Forgiveness'

    an abbreviated (and flexible) very terse language which gets expanded into xsl. so you write a short document in 'forgiveness', and this is expanded into an xsl document. its aim is to be easier for humans to read and write than xsl, but to also act as a stepping stone into the use of xsl, as it gives you access to the xsl it generates.

Wscg version 4 will probably include free and professional versions. Forgiveness will be a free tool.


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