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Hello. You might remember a little utility I put out a few months ago called 'NextAction' -- it's purpose is to help you manage the tasks that are on the top of your mind.

Download NextAction Download NextAction! (updated)

I'm still using this tool every day, so i've tracked down and fixed some shortcomings in the product. They probably don't affect all users: only users with multiple monitors, and people who resize their screens or keep their task bars in strange locations.

The new features are:

  • Press use [Control] + [Up Arrow] to move the current paragraph to the top of the document.

    This essentially marks a task as the 'Next Action'

  • Press [Control] + [Down Arrow] to move the current paragraph to the bottom of the document

    This essentially marks a task as 'done'.

Next Action is just a multiline textbox that is always on top and always out of the way. It is semi transparent, except when it has focus. There is no configuration, no other features to tinker with: saving and loading happen automatically.

I'll probably add a context menu to it someday, from which other features will be available. If you've got ideas for new features that would suit this little application, please write to me, or leave a comment.

Some other features that were added between the initial release and now:

  • Global Hot Key: Windows key + N
  • Now floats above the taskbar
  • Ctrl+A -- select all
  • Triple Click to select a paragraph

I'm still considering renaming it to something completely different. I don't want Dave Allen to sue me. Actually, bring it on Dave. I can do with the publicity.

(not yet vista friendly i reckon)

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