Your New PC Won't Let You Work On ASP.Net?

Here's a problem you're likely to get when setting up a new dev' box.


Open a command window and run 'aspnet_regiis' with the -i option

	aspnet_regiis -i

What is the -i option for?

(Continues, if you're real damn interested...)

A quick way to tell if is running, (and what version) is to deliberately get a 404 error on a ".aspx" extension. For example, navigate to:


If is running:

  • you'll get a .Net error page (with the version written at the bottom of the page).

If IIS is running:

  • you'll get an IIS error page (The Page cannot be found)

If IIS is not running (at this site)

  • you'll get an explorer error page (The Web Site cannot be found) [unless some thing else hi-jacks your browser, such as google toolbar.]

A related problem you may find if client-side scripts are misbehaving the whole time... you need to rebuild the client scripts. Here's how:

	aspnet_regiis -c  

What is the -c option for?

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