New Company, New Language, Same IDE...

I've started at Advantech Software -- (Brisbane software development specialists)

This has involved a transition from to C#, and boy oh mighty, i've been shocked and alarmed at how easy it is to move.

They really are just the same food with different food colouring. The most helpful things to have when transitioning from to C# are:

  1. This document (VB.NET and C# Comparison, side by side)
  2. Great Mentors

The extra-fussiness of the type system is excellent, and helps you keep your code tight (much as option strict does in The warnings you get, the more descriptive messages, and the XML commenting make for a nice improvement. I miss the code reformatting (pretty-listing) feature of VB, which did turn me into a lazier coder than i once was.

The most overwhelming change has been learning to use the existing (and very impressive) code base that Advantech have developed, learning to play well with some way cool 3rd party controls, and of course, the necessary existentialist angst that comes with any career change.


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