Fake Workplaces Of The Internet

How many fake workplaces are there on the internet?

Look at this image:

from http://www.softwaredevelopers.com.au/

Does anyone actually give their beautiful colleague a backrub while pair-programming the day away?

Or is this just made up nonsense?

Frame 2: he gets hauled in to court on charges of sexual harassment, I betcha.

And how many damn bogus handshakes exist on the internet?

from... well could be just about any corporate site on the internet
two hands shaking... from... who cares? i pity the hand model. i pity the photographer. i pity the ad executive who suggested it. i pity the FOOL who paid the invoice.

Why is it always a 'white' hand and a 'black' hand, you patronizing racist bastards?!? (Or a man's hand and a woman's hand? Or a baby's cute little fingers and an old man's papery hand??)

Why not a robot's hand and a hand in a boxing glove?? That's the kind of message that would make me buy your stupid, stupid product.

If you see any more of these atrocious images, do send them to me, along with the offending URL.

Let's name and shame the perpetrators of these heinous lies.

[and if your workplace honestly involves 'giving your beautiful colleague a backrub while pair-programming the day away' please slip me a v.quiet email]

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