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Stashy is a Really simple Key Value store

2019 By The Numbers

5 minutes to import CSV to a database: What do you do?

Meetings: Are They Worth It?

2018 By The Numbers

NimbleText is now a Machine Learning Platform

I have some feedback for you...

Convergent versus Divergent modes of thought

How do you get things done?

2017 by the Numbers

The Ultimate Star Wars t-shirt

2016 by the numbers:

Less than 3 days until the Stupid Ideas Powershell Slackathon.

The Stupid Ideas Powershell Slackathon

Hosting an infinite number of apps in the cloud for free, on your own domains.

How to Left Pad, for real

In search of brutal honesty

Launching the secretGeek Wiki

Pun-a-day service

A console.log() adventure

Spaced Repetition Software... for Kids!

A Dashboard For Everything and Everything on a Dashboard

The dumbest thing that could possibly work

Humans: A Tragedy.


Happy new year 2014

A flowchart of what programmers do at work all day

Google caught in a lie.

Go and read a book.

Slurp up mega-traffic by writing scalable, timeless search-bait

NimbleText: Origins

Slides from WDCNZ: Live Coding MVC3

Anatomy of a Domain Hijacking, part 1 domain has been stolen. The site may go down.

The 'less crashy' release of NimbleText

24 things to do, and 100 things *not* to do (yet) for building a MicroISV

The secretGeek Disaster Recovery plan

Project Management Zen

God No! ...The ReBuilder

Sometimes, The Better You Program, The Worse You Communicate.

Drowning in things to do

Small Moments in Software Philosophy

An Open, Federated Award Ceremony

Is that all you've got!?

Return from an offline sojourn

Bug Eyed VS2008 Guy Freaks Me Out

Facebook -- what every concerned user needs to know!

Fight Diabetes with TimeSnapper

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