2019 By The Numbers

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Well it's the roaring 20's at last and here's the blogpost where I look back on the annual output of a machine I call "me".

I spend a lot of time berating myself for the things I didn't do, so it's pretty odd to look back and see that a lot of things did get out the door.

Numbers in parens, e.g. "(3,2,1)", are the figures from last year, the year before that and the year before that.

  • 1 new product launched TimeSnapper for Mac. Jon Schneider did all the work here, but that won't stop me from listing it as my biggest achievement of the year. Top work Jon! (And Atli continues to put in the long hours of keeping TimeSnapper for Windows alive. We're hoping to update the application and the website this year too.)
  • 1 Kanban Simulation game (0): DevShop
  • 0 books published (1,1,0) Joseph and I slowed down work on Evergreen Skills for Developers. The brilliant thing about Evergreen Skills is that it'll still be fresh info even if it takes us 10 year to complete. I compiled 1 complete book in 2019, but haven't launched it due to Amazon "issues", and outlined a few more. See 'how to get nothing done'
  • 13 blog posts written (10, 13, 17) — Most popular thing I published was probably this html quine.
  • 15 new wiki articles completed (14,10,50) — Best new article there is Protective Factors for Mental Health
  • 48 Weekly Project Update emails shared with Richard Mason of Aussie Bushwalking (19,0). These keep the both of us productive all year long.
  • ~200 pictures at insta/secretGeek (~200)
  • 100 Today-I-Learned Entries written (73, 133, 233) — 30142 words (19761, 35289, 42352), 15 new topics (10,21, 44)
  • 389 contributions at Github/secretGeek (156,189,292)
  • 0 talks delivered (0,1,1) phew! 1 conference attended as always: DDD Brisbane.
  • Daily step goal met every day unless gravely ill.
  • Millions of tweets @secretGeek. This seems to be the one that more people saw:

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