Is that all you've got!?

What's the capital of
the United States?
(drum roll)
About twenty cents. #

Just tell me now, world. Are we serious about this catastrophic global depression or not?

Is this just another of your doomsday fads? Because frankly, some of us are a little tired of your melodrama.

Last month it was that peak oil business. Before that it was global warming and carbon trading. Then it was the obesity epidemic.

You promised that the SARS coronavirus would turn into a pandemic that killed us all, if bird flu didn't get to us first.

dot com. #

And you wasted a lot of our money and effort worrying about this supposed terrorism wave that you promised would crush Western society into long-deserved oblivion.

Your flippancy on these negative promises has been remarkable and frankly my patience is wearing thin.

I'm not going to drag up all the wasted years of worrying about the cold war, and the certain death from global geo-thermo-nuclear warfare with which you haunted my childhood years. But I will say this:

Global meltdown is
going to finally
give us all the
one thing money
can't buy.
Poverty. #

The best you've got for me is something about poor liquidity in the market place!? Seriously!?

Fuck you, Earth. You've got to do better than this.

Give me total fucking annihilation from blood-lusting aliens with nuclear guns in their finger-tips, or just shut up and let me write my code.



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