Facebook -- what every concerned user needs to know!

First up, facebook facebook facebook me me me, facebook facebook facebook, and also facebook facebook friends facebook no friends facebook facebook me me me me facebook.

Mostly, facebook crackbook facebook stalkbook facebook magic eight ball says facebook applications everyone facebook facebook can't shut up about it facebook facebook, productivity, facebook costing business millions, facebook facebook until all he could do was sit in a corner muttering facebook facebook facebook facebook.

Children as young as three years of age, meanwhile facebook facebook i'm starting a facebook group 'overcoming facebook addiction' and burma facebook facebook , facebook, because a facebook group is really gonna make that regime sit up and take notice, poke poke facebook facebook poke them poke them wake up crazy burma bad guys, cop this facebook facebook facebook facebook poke.

The story for developers is perhaps the most compelling of all, as facebook apps can facebook other facebook apps with a massive user base of facebook users and facebook apps and facebook facebook facebook facebook.

If john lennon was alive today facebook jesus facebook gandhi facebook einstein facebook darwin facebook hitler facebook elvis facebook marilyn facebook mother theresa facebook shakespeare facebook facebook i don't even know this person facebook facebook.

so, ah, get a life, yeh? then twitter it.


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