<i>SOFT</i>ware is **SOFT** Get it, monkey?

Proprietary software is often so sucky. (CD writer software in particular. But let's talk about scanners for a moment.) Here's a snapshot of the software that came bundled with my scanner.

a piece of software that looks exactly like a small piece of hardware, in matte glay plastic

Oooh! Isn't it smooth.

What sucks is that the design deliberately mimics a piece of *HARD*ware.

Does software usually have an OFF button in the middle!? My crappy $36 stereo has that. It's the last place you look when you need to escape. But I expect my crappy stereo to lack usability, because it is hard to fix.

But software should be far more useable that hardware, you gimps!

Software can be improved very rapidly. It is **SOFT**

Hardware is a village idiot compared with software. Hardware should be based on software. Software is where the lessons are learnt!

Ahhh. I don't really mind. I just wanted to share it with you guys and ladies. You seem nice. And kind of cute, too. Keep up the hard work you industious sons and daughter of this electric age.

(i have nothing to say after that angry rant)

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