A to Z of Software Methodologies

In response to a recent 'Definitive' List of Software Development Methodologies I thought I ought to post my own A-Z of software methodologies:

Can you tell me what I'm missing?)

ADD  Asshole driven development - team lead badly out of touch, yet never wrong
BDD Build driven Development - builds it does? check it in you should
CDD Competition driven development - GOOG and AAPL have one, we need one too
Checkin driven Development - boss measures success by checkin count, more==better
DDD Database driven Design - objects enslaved by related rows
EDD Education driven Development - Ruby newbie, but i'll learn
Entertainment driven Development - maybe we will fail, but by god we'll have a blast
FDD Fear driven development - if we don't add feature number 1 million and 3, we may lose a customer
Fantasy driven development - shipping on time, feature complete, zero bugs, free of charge
GDD Golf driven development - ceo heard a new buzzterm while on golf course
HDD Hatred driven Development - strong team plus clear goals forged around common enemy
Heisenberg driven development - cannot be defined without altering the meaning
IDD Industry driven development - never aim at the ass end of a duck
JDD Java driven development - "i don't know the problem, but i know the solution is java"-style thinking
KDD Knowledge driven development - we are wise and our product is awesome
Knife driven development - code it or i'll cut you
LDD Luncheon driven development - drunken lunch, big idea, now we're sleepy
MDD Munchie driven development - team too stoned to stop coding
NDD Nacho driven development - then they ate some nachos
ODD Object driven development - don't stop until your OO hierarchy is 57 levels deep
PDD Panic driven development - works for me
Paradigm driven development - synthesizes an ecosystem of evolving collaboration architectures
QDD Quantum driven development - only works on hardware that hasn't yet been invented
RDD Research driven development - this time for sure!
SDD Sales driven development - head salesguy already promised it, now we gotta build it
TDD ToDo driven development - aka stepwise refinement
UDD Underwear driven development - seat of the pants approach
VDD Voodoo driven development - if it doesn't compile, just stick another pin in it
WDD "Works on my machine" driven development - formerly, Rapid Application Development
Whiteboard driven development - see Domain Driven Design
XDD Xml driven development - "xml is like violence, if it's not working you need more of it"
YDD Y-Combinator driven development - (equals (name Paul Graham) (plus lisp god))
ZDD Zen driven development - you don't drive the development, the development drives you

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