VB 6 Developers, lend me an err...

I need some VB 6 developers to dig deep into their memory... and tell me if you've ever used a control called the Mabry Barcode Control (barcod.ocx).

I'm doing some fixups on an old VB 6 system in my spare time, and it uses the Mabry Barcode Control. Unless I can find a license key for this software, I can't re-compile the project.

The "order now" screen is broken at Mabry's website, and I've tried writing to the company numerous times. Now I just want someone to share their key with me so the project can move forward.

Rewriting the barcode sections is not really an option right now. It may need to become one soon, though.

Whadda ya say VB 6 gurus?>


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