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The World's 2nd Simplest Code Generator

A lot of people are having fun using 'The World's Simplest Code Generator' -- so i've updated it and improved it.

Meet "The World's 2nd Simplest Code Generator".

Like the original, it's online, takes one minute to learn, and has a million uses.

This tool is my constant companion on all my coding adventures.

Like those miraculous kitchen devices you see advertised on TV, this baby can cut, slice, dice, julianne, froth, beat, whip...

It's extremely violent, really. Use it for all your "Micro-Code Generation" needs.

The W2SCG has built-in patterns to use for some simple things (like C# properties and properties). If you invent any useful new patterns, leave a comment and I'll embed them in the tool. I'm particularly keen to see some Java, Php, C++ and SQL patterns.

The difficult thing when developing this was keeping it **simple**. The temptation to pile in a lot of features was huge! (I cut over thirty features out!) The best of these deferred features will be released in subsequent versions.

Expect to see "The World's 3rd Simplest Code Generator" soon.

The World's 2nd Simplest Code Generator

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