Got Rss? Have you? Have you?

If not then you suck! And your site sucks! And your customers hate you! And you're a moron.

So download RssBandit, subscribe to a few interesting feeds and get up to date with the world. Then get your own blog and start sending out your own Rss.

Here's some nice feeds, to whet your appetite.

Strongly Recommended!

Larkware News

  • A new list of interesting points each day from Mike Gunderloy.
  • Mike is a great technical author with a strong focus.
  • RSS

Critical Section

  • Ole Eichorn gives a run down of everything new in the tech world.
  • Often includes cute little pictures that make it that tad more stimulating.
  • RSS

.Net with extra opinions?

  • Get Frans Bouma!

  • RSS

Spolsky! Painless Software Management.

  • Spolsky doesn't blog until he's got something to say.
  • And when he says it, it's worth reading.

  • RSS

Panopticon Central

  • News from the chief clever man behind
  • Interesting points such as 'why doesn't VB allow you to say X++ (for performing X+=1)?'(interesting if you're a VB geek, that is)
  • RSS

Clay Shirky's Essay

  • Provoking essays on software/rss/the net etc.
  • They don't come out too often (which is a good thing). But when they do come out they're worth the read.
  • RSS

But RSS can get too much very quickly. Here's some popular Rss feeds to avoid if you want to stay sane:

To Be Avoided!


How many linux trolls does it take to ruin a website?


He blogs too often for my liking - it's a distraction. When he *does* say something of interest you'll hear it about it from someone else anyway!

Dave Winer (aka Scripting News )

Yeh, shut up Dave.


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