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<% 'For Each Item In Request.Form ' Response.Write "Item: " & Item & " Value:" & (Request.Form(Item)) & "
" 'next Dim sRows Dim sRowArray Dim sRow Dim sFields Dim sFieldArray Dim sField Dim sTemplate Dim sResponse Dim sReponseLine Dim iFieldNum sRows = Request.Form("TextRows") sTemplate = Request.Form("TextTemplate") if Replace(sRows,"vbcrlf","") = "" then sRows = "me,you" + vbcrlf + "you,me" end if if sTemplate = "" then sTemplate = "$1 loves $2 " + vbcrlf end if sRowArray = Split(sRows, vbCrLf) sResponse = "" Dim iRowNum For each sRow in sRowArray sFieldArray = Split(sRow, ",") iFieldNum = 0 iRowNum = iRowNum + 1 sResponseLine = sTemplate For each sField in sFieldArray iFieldNum = iFieldNum + 1 sResponseLine = Replace(sResponseLine, "$" & iFieldNum, sField) Next sResponse = sResponse & sResponseLine Next %>

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