OfficeQuest... Gamification for the Office Suite

While the evil makers of Candy Crush Saga are busy filing for their IPO, now is the time for Microsoft to add awesome Gamification features to their stalled Office Suite.

With help from Indie game developer Thomas White, here's our vision for "OfficeQuest". If you're listening, new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, this is the fresh idea your looking for to give the company a jolt of adrenaline and turn your CEOship into a new golden age for Microsoft!

MS Office with custom ribbon, that let's you purchase 'Stars'. Dialog says: 'Achievement Unlocked: Complete a sentence. Earn 1 Star.'

Dialog says: 'Emboldening Text... Instant Embolden for 1 Star.'

Googling for 'What Satya Nadella should do' showed me that a lot of people have already made a lot of suggestions for the good man to follow up. But my real suggestion is that Windows should build a real app store. With first class support for install, update, uninstall and purchase of real desktop apps. That would be awesome.


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