Desert Skies - exclusive inside information from the developers

Unless you've been living under a rock like some disgusting sand-sneaking Seeker -- you're aware of the awesome sensation taking the gaming community by storm: Desert Skies.

Here's a video of the game play in case you're not familiar.

I recently sat down for an intense lunch with one of the minds from White Rabbit Games - the creative duo behind this Indy gaming sensation, and I found out some exclusive information.

Although the company is called "White Rabbit Games" the logo is of a cat.

white rabbit games logo... a white cat


What's that all about?

T: we have a fluffy white cat, and it looks like a bunny so we call it "bunny".

Thus the white rabbit is actually a cat.


That's enough revelations for one day.

It's a really awesome game. I find it pretty exciting because it's a simple idea that is popular enough that it will get a chance to expand in some really interesting directions. Keep an eye on this!


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