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I am damn excited about this! You're gonna like this too. I can tell, just from looking at you.

My colleague, Atli Oddsson and I have built a website at TimeSnapper.com, where you can download the updated and improved version of our winning entry from the Larkware developers competition.

(this new version is for the 1.1 framework, it has more options, and better help.)

In case you've arrived late in the game: TimeSnapper is a re-branded name for our tool called "Snapper" which is an "Automatic Screenshot Journal"

It sits in the background of your machine quietly taking small screenshots of everything you do.

Download it and run it -- all day every day. Put it in your startup, so you'll never forget to run it.

When it's time to fill out a time sheet, or review where all your time went, or work out why your machine crashed, -- TimeSnapper is the way to go.

When you're wondering when and why you started procrastinating this morning: TimeSnapper will show you where. It's scary the truths that TimeSnapper will reveal.

TimeSnapper Screenshots

I seriously think that you, you, you and every other person in the world working at a computer should use TimeSnapper to keep track of what's really going on.

If you've got any ideas for what features to put into future versions, or if you have any problems (with TimeSnapper) -- contact us, or leave a comment below and tell me what's going on.

Lots of people ask the same questions about it -- so we've put up a list of FAQ.

It's been very fun and exciting putting together each of the things involved in this project. Quite different to real work. If you have ideas you're thinking of getting out into the real world I can only urge you to do it. One of my goals each year is to try and release something (anything) into the wild. This is the first time I think I've achieved it.

Best of luck. I hope you find it useful. (Or if not -- tell me why).


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