Obstacles To International Development

international development barriers faced during work on timesnapper... with link to timesnapper to dry and draw you into downloading this excellent program

TimeSnapper is largely written by Atli Björgvin Oddsson, who lives in Iceland.

But I wanted the chance to dabble in the code too -- so he set up a vault code repository. Vault has performed exceptionally over the long distances involved (see image).

You really can't get two people working further apart, unless you're willing to offshore your development to the moon. (Somewhere, i know, a web 2.0 company is planning on selling that very idea to some dull witted VCs)

(dragon inspired by trogdor the burninator, found via Harmony Steel.)

(Map of the world thanks to brave explorers who ventured out in bygone times and circumnavigated the globe, taking measurements along the way)

And as a longtime victim of microsoft sourcesafe, there was no effort involved in learning to use Vault. The more I look into it, the more I find interesting features I'm keen to play with. (For example, integration with Dragnet, the bug tracking system also from Sourcegear)(And I wonder what's in the email tab? (see image...)

select an item in the tree to start receiving email notification for changes... i just think i might

By the way... Eric Sink DID NOT pay me to write this entry. Not that I'd object if he did.


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