Conway's Game of Life (in Javascript)

Based on the work of Sean McManus. How to play and summary of the rules at the bottom of the page.

Either of these shapes are good ones to start with:

two interesting shapes for gol

A summary of the rules:

If a square has 2 or 3 neighbours, then it will turn white (or stay white).

If a square has more or less neighbours than that, it will turn black (or stay black).

How to play:

Click in the black area to turn a few squares white.

Then press run. Press pause and it will stop running.

To advance by just one turn at a time, press "once".

Now a note about Sean McManus -- whose javascript i have modified for this page...

Sean wrote for various Amstrad magazines in the distant past. I recognise some of the screenshots at his website as games that I played back in the day.

Really good work. He says he was only a kid back then.

Instructions | Sean's Science & Technology resources
More games by Sean |


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