If you haven't seen Return Of The King yet, (and you haven't read the book) then let me be the first to tell you:

  • Gollum is Frodo's great-grandfather.
  • Sam dies at the end

I meant to warn you to look away if you don't want to know how it ends.

Well, I consider that a suitable revenge for all those people who ruined: The Sixth Sense, The Crying Game and The Empire Strikes Back for me.

Now here is the obligatory glowing review:

Return of the King is so damn good that it begs the question: Why didn't Peter Jackson release this one first??

ROTK didn't have any of the extended slow patches of the first two - just purely gripping, full of rising tension. So good in fact that even my wife is talking about reading the books now (she was dead bored with the first movie, and quite bored with the second one).

It definitely made us want to buy all three DVD's, and a DVD burner, pirate them, return the DVD's to the shop and then watch all three in one go.

That sounds like too much effort, so i'll just have to wait until someone invents a computer:brain interface device with which you can download the sensation of having just watched all three films. And then i'll go 'aaaaah, that was great!'

(update: watched 'Ghostbusters' last night and I must say that LOTR:ROTK, as good as it is, has nothing on Ghostbusters)


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