The Truth About Attention Deficit Dis... Oh, new mail.


We're getting ahead of ourselves. I mean, behind ourselves. Who has the time to... you know, fix the... thingo. Hey -- did you see that book, All Cats Have Attention Deficit Disorder? [1]

Okay -- I was saying... i'm getting a stack based memory adjunct, plugged into my forehead so all this context swtiching will let me just pop right back to -- hang on, IM... no wrong IM, other IM, okay -- who? add contact to? what -- got to log in again, password is over in, let me see. Ah, exit, reboot, swivel, other computer, right -- no, jump out of this terminal session and into that one, then switch apps over to the...

alt-tab, no, windows-tab -- up three levels, switch personality, jon malkovitch, smile at press, switch back, down two species and across three, canine, yapping at man's coat tails, waggy thing annoys me, chase it, round and round, got it, ah, my tail, yes, must not keep doing this -- oh look - zoom out, earth is a microdot, zoom back, sitting in my cubicle, out of coffee again, the always on society, always on lsd that is.

Time to rewrite it all in apollonian silverflash or something, the command line is the new address bar or something else. software idea: replace the browser bar with an actual fracking command line. have plugin commands with automatic unit testing, and wiki style spec# applications, perusable, editable write to someone about this -- or write about thing from yesterday: jeff raskin's son talking at google, no such thing as reverse pictionary he said, great point, think about it, lots of great points he made and then the demo, aw shit, it's just another launcher app, so much promise, so little:

idea: the absolute reverse of lego programming, something about toolkit-based development leads to isolated controls that are composable into working solutions, but real problems aren't always toolkit solvable -- real problems aren't so readily decomposable into controls -- toolkit based solution is naturally chunky, unusable, like a lego brick house. other angle: super users are able to configure apps, and thus are the modern programmers -- yet most configuration is unscriptable (consider writing an automator-like interface to powershell) -- link to [2] ;-)

recall discussion saying normal people don't think of an image as data, and they shouldn't have to... hence picasa, flickr etc perform auto scale for upload -- good, yet i disagree with 'why software sucks' guy re thesis that main problem with dev is dev's aren't normal people. main problem with dev is that it's frickin complex and no one has a clue what they want until they've seen it in their neighbour's hands.

contrast of dialogue complexity from westwing versus grey's a-frickin-natomy. sad. and found it clever scott says remember that targets are not estimates i guess a target is a crazy figure that senior management would like you to knock your self out working long insane hours trying to meet it, and an estimate is when they delude themselves into thinking its possible.

for mothers day buying nintendo DS for the good wife -- she wants the pink one as an insurance policy against me using it, ha, she wants brain games to overcome baby-induced stay at home zombieness; ot: maybe ask secretGeek readers for recommendation on pocket pc models, must have gps, phone, big screen, damn pock pc is frustrating though -- nothing is quite right about it, the pen is worst of all -- or write about how i trouble shot the damn home PC meltdown recurring BSOD problem -- i hate hardware, can't even refill the staples in my stapler, certainly not program the video

backlog of fifty micro ISV's i want to write about, still freaking out about just how many steps remain in this crazy 25steps thing -- maybe blog about the way that pocketPC was wiped and thus killed my draft of step 4 (still very bitter about that) -- just when i'd used that crazy pen interface to craft all those neat little phrases. don't want to sound like kid saying 'dog et my homework' --

maybe blog about the novel -- call for reviewers, beta book idea, suggested titles list inc ebz, lineup of innocents with one suspect, comedy novel cops n killers

atwood too cruel to mikeg in article? [3] i think so, but really has quality of larkware fallen? probably -- i miss the heartfelt criticism nowadays he avoids it, probably figures it'll be too bitter no that his mind is made up -- scoble's article 'how to hate microsoft' -- personally love to hang sh*t on microsoft though, what a great target they are.

what about the wording of the guy who announced that entity framework was delayed [4] -- how 'marketing weasel' was that: but then he apologised in the comments and was far more open and honest. is there hope for the old guard at microsoft yet? maybe. and does anyone need to care so much about the actual difference between an entity, an element, an object, a datarow, a type, a class and a contract? meanwhile which keeps you awake at night: the ghost of WinFS or the curse of Cairo? [5]

more normal people have commented on those mac versus pc tv ads than have mentioned vista. everywhere i go: people just love those ads! in a weird twist the biggest fans seem to be microsoft developers who can't stop talking about them. the only one that sh*ts me is the one where mac guy says "hey pc, do you want to see my pictures?" as if to suggest that mac is some doyenne of compatible image formats -- both mac and pc have terrible track records on that topic, so it's kettles all the way down.

sorry -- didn't wanna pick a topic.


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