Email Personality Quiz

I have this so-called friend who emails me those quizes that start with 'Send this on to ten of your friends blah fucking blah.'. Here's my take on just such a psychologically revealing quiz.

  1. Your family is turned into a rainbow. What colour are you? what colour is your mother?
  2. You dream that a dog is biting you. What kind of dog is it?
  3. You dream that you are strangling a bird. Why do you do it?
  4. Rather lose both hands or both legs?
  5. Rather die in a plane crash or a bungee jumping accident?
  6. Rather drown or suffocate?
  7. Your body is found at the bottom of a ravine. Were you pushed, or did you jump?
  8. You discover an assassination plot against George W. Bush. Do you go for a walk or have a sleep?
  9. unplanned farts: naughty or funny?
  10. You snog a movie star. Why is it Danny Devito?
  11. You are put on trial. Guilty?
  12. You are a piece of art. Music, sculpture or Painting?
  13. The world will end tomorrow. No seriously, the world will end tomorrow. Why are you reading this quiz?
  14. You're trapped on a dessert island. What sort of dessert is it?
  15. You're trapped on a desert island for twenty years with only one book. When you are rescued how big will the library fine be?
  16. The world is ending you can save only one species of animal. What's the point? The food chain is basically screwed.
  17. You break a world record. Who's the first person you want to tell?
  18. You win a million dollars. Who's the first person you pay to have killed?
  19. Someone you consider a friend sends you a stupid email. You tell them they're an idiot, or you use your blog to dillute your anger?
  20. Aisle seat or window seat?
  21. Tofu or samsonite?
  22. Your father is found brutally murdered. Hammer or pickaxe?
  23. You dip your toe into a lake. Is it cold or warm?
  24. You redesign the company uniform. What colour are the leotards?
  25. An apple falls on your head. Do you discover gravity or sue for millions?
  26. What's your mother's maiden name?
  27. Social security number?
  28. Bank account number?

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