Forget Intellisense: I want IntelliSEARCH

intellisense with wildcard searching

Intellisense is most useful when you know what the member name "starts" with. But what about when you know that the term contains a term... but you're not sure what the actual word is. The Intellisearch search box will cure that: enter a search term and it will highlight any terms that include that sequence of characters.

And I don't want you monkeys to go jumpin up and down saying 'Oh you should check out ReSharper' or leaping to conclusions saying 'CodeRush already does that!' because I don't think they do.

(okay, coderush has this navigation feature that is similar, but never mind that, sparky)

And as for that damn resharper, as brilliant as it is (and yes it's very brilliant) it's just far too sloooowwww on big projects. We've purchased it here but now we mostly turned it off. (One resilient developer continues to persevere with it.

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