FU: Findability precedes Usability.

a suggested improvement to help scan through the complex janus property pages

I use the Janus GridEx Grid control every day. And they have thousands and thousands of properties. You get lost looking through them.

What I'd like to see is a little textbox at the top of the "Control Designer" form (the form that lists these thousands of properties). Whatever you type in this text box is searched for and highlighted amongst the property names and values.

Aww i can't explain this good. Check out the screen shot I mocked up:

See -- i typed "Edit" in the little (fake) textbox at the top of the form. And then the word "Edit" was highlighted where it appears in the properties.

Damn this would save me some time. And everyone else who works with complex property pages.

(by the way, i think 'Findability precedes Usability' is a quote from Peter Morville. I am certain that it is available as a bumper sticker from Confusability [a usability blog])

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