What is so scary about DLINQ?

I read an interesting piece by Jon Galloway titled "LINQ looks good, but DLINQ scares me", which was intriguing from the outset.

Why is DLINQ scary I wondered?

All manner of visions came to mind, I admit.

On a surface level, his concerns were mostly centered around code maintainability.

But looking deeper into code sample, I discovered something truly frightening.

Take a close look here and see if you can find it:

DLINQ - Simple Select example
// DataContext takes a connection string 
DataContext db = new DataContext("c:\\northwind\\northwnd.mdf");

// Get a typed table to run queries
Table<Customer> Customers = db.GetTable<Customer>();

// Query for customers from London
var q =
      from c 
in Customers
      where c.City == "London"
      select c;

foreach (var cust in q)
      Console.WriteLine("id = {0}, City = {1}", cust.CustomerID, cust.City);


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