Grabbing the free songs of Jonathan Coulton (with Powershell)

Jonathan Coulton is a much loved musician amongst your nerd types, like me.

He's put out quite a few free songs in MP3 format over the years too, and these remain available online.

I found Rob Olson wrote a script with wget (and another with curl) that downloads all the free songs for you. So for my Microsoft-enslaved brethren I now provide a translation into powershell-ese.

Here it is -- Get-JoCo.ps1

Just download it and run it in powershell. (You may have to set the execution policy to gawker-level first. And don't read the script before you execute it or anything. Security is for girly-boys who don't have the guts to run my code at full trust.)

And of course, like all the repetitive code I write, this was written with NimbleText.

It's natural at this point to also encourage you to buy one of his albums, donate money to him, or perhaps whistle one of his tunes while performing a good deed that advances civilization. Your call.

Get "get-JoCo.ps1" Now


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