SO... Should I waste my time getting an MCAD? (I hear you ask)

Here are six points in favour of the MCAD certification.

  1. It teaches you tonnnnnnnnes about .net, so you really get to know the platform
  2. It's a good thing for the resume
  3. It won't be out of date for a couple of years.
  4. The process of ongoing study really wakes up your brain and helps you engage more fully with your environment.
  5. You don't need to attend any courses, just buy the relevant books, written by Mike Gunderloy (70-305 book, 70-306 book and 70-310 book). Then do whatever practice exams you can scavenge off the net.
  6. Total outgoing cost (not including time) should therefore be: 3 books (total, US$100, AU$270), plus the exam (300 bucks or so??). Tax deductible and good for the health.

So go and do it, kiddo.

(That's the easiest blog entry I ever wrote -- it's just a cut and paste from a real email.)


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