Spolsky Madness!

This week, at secretGeek, we are experiencing:

Spolsky Madness

That's right, Spolsky Madness, with an IE Only CSS wave filter applied.

Upcoming book reviews include:

"Joel On Software" the handy compendium of articles written by the founder of Fog Creek software, Joel Spolsky.

This book is very worth having. I'm going to say more about it soon.


Painless Project Management with FogBugz by Mike 'Daily Grind' Gunderloy.

When I finally ship my software for helping with speech-recognition amongst canines, I'm gonna get Mike to write the book on it.


My book "Choose Your First Product" is available now.

It gives you 4 easy steps to find and validate a humble product idea.

Learn more.

(By the way, I read every comment and often respond.)

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