Simple Trouble Shooting Application Now Fixes Everything

With Joe Cooney's help, we've constructed a simple checklist for trouble-shooting regular problems.

Have you got any further items you regularly find yourself checking off?

Please add more!

  1. check the event log
  2. google it
  3. reboot
  4. run iisreset
  5. empty the recycle bin
  6. hit ctrl+break
  7. kill the aspnet worker process
  8. clear temporary internet files
  9. touch the config file
  10. degauss the monitor
  11. remove everything from the startup folder
  12. "get latest" and rebuild
  13. login as admin
  14. run ipconfig /renew
  15. check if capslock is on.
  16. run a virus scan
  17. download the latest CTP
  18. disable and then re-enable the network interface
  19. restart services (some/most/all)
  20. change your password
  21. unplug your router, and leave it unplugged for 10 seconds before plugging it back in
  22. clear your cookies
  23. add current site to your trusted zone
  24. disable javascript
  25. try to ping the server
  26. press 'clean solution' from the context menu in the solution explorer
  27. repair the installation
  28. run large magnets over all hard drives
  29. check the network cable
  30. defrag the hard drive
  31. try it in a different browser
  32. run a spyware scan
  33. minimize all windows and check for a modal dialog
  34. ensure configuration is correct
  35. see what has changed recently
  36. run process monitor
  37. run chkdsk /v
  38. revert all checkins from anyone named 'Gazza'
  39. run the windows update service
  40. remove and then recreate all Bluetooth partnerships
  41. do a hardware reset on your mobile device
  42. decompile + monkey punch + duck slap + donkey whack
  43. what would jesus do?
  44. look for suitable workarounds
  45. re-calibrate your Geiger counter
  46. check for packet storms
  47. best to rule out toxicological contamination early on
  48. describe the problem in terms even a child can understand
  49. apply duct tape
  50. increase the timeout duration
  51. increase the maximum threadpool size
  52. write to your local minister or government representative
  53. try using the Microsoft Online Crash Analysis to submit your crash dump bucket-id
  54. disable the customer experience improvement program
  55. eat liver of sacred monkey
  56. import the decryption certificate to the local client certificate store
  57. ensure sql server is setup for mixed mode authentication
  58. bypass proxy server for local addresses
  59. check the hosts file and the routing tables
  60. use filemon to locate any other log files being accessed
  61. check the bios
  62. update the device drivers for all peripherals
  63. attach a debugger, get a memory dump, look at it in a hex reader and post it to a forum
  64. cleanse all user inputs
  65. put a try catch around it
  66. replace the batteries in your wireless mouse and keyboard
  67. recompile all dll's
  68. uninstall the old version, re- install the new version, apply hot fixes patches and upgrades
  69. remove the case from your computer, and aim a fan at it
  70. check that you haven't been blacklisted
  71. run diagnostic checks on surge protection units
  72. add an index
  73. remove an index
  74. recalculate indexes
  75. ensure ftp uses passive mode
  76. recalculate statistics
  77. reboot in safe mode
  78. check kerberos delegation
  79. review query plan
  80. if 'automatically detect settings' is checked/unchecked, then uncheck/check it
  81. kill rogue processes in task manager
  82. run memtest.exe
  83. boot from your emergency repair disks
  84. follow standard knoppix data recovery procedures
  85. tweak-UI
  86. uninstall adobe pdf reader
  87. insert "Debug.WriteLine("up to line 53");" where appropriate
  88. set tracelevel to verbose
  89. flush buffers
  90. % truss -t \!all -t open a.out
  91. use cdb or windbg. add in SOS for clr issues.
  92. field test any lightning protection devices
  93. use a temperature gauge on all hardware components, and compare against safe operating limits from manufacturer
  94. run it inside a VM
  95. check the DPI.
  96. search the knowledge base
  97. enable javascript debugging
  98. turn off friendly http error messages in IE
  99. set the current culture to en-US
  100. attach a multi-meter
  101. roll back to your most recent backup
  102. check for GC pressure
  103. empty the MSI cache
  104. temporarily allow popups
  105. look in your spam folder
  106. recompile. wait. recompile.
  107. turn off windows firewall
  108. run caspol and give everything full trust
  109. put yourself in the shoes of the program itself. if you were the program, what would you do?
  110. ask hanselman
  111. try wireshark. failing that, try fiddler. what does tracert show?
  112. check the blueprints and read over the uml.
  113. implement the retry pattern.
  114. rtfm
  115. delete the bios
  116. attach anti-static wrist strap on every appendage
  117. sit inside a faraday cage
  118. insert "alert('here');" where appropriate
  119. overwrite every byte in memory the standard five times as pre-scribed by nsa guidelines
  120. reinstall the operating system from the original media provided by the supplier
  121. add a lock statement
  122. blame Irwin the intern
  123. blame the guy who left last week
  124. blame the ESL guy
  125. blame DNS
  126. add a sleep statement
  127. apply a fudge factor.
  128. run a spell checker over your code
  129. light some candles. sacrifice chicken.
  130. set all DWORD's to 0 in the registry. Then delete the registry
  131. drop all databases.
  132. unregister and re-register all dlls
  133. reboot 3 times
  134. drink own urine
  135. run prime95 overnight
  136. recompile the kernel
  137. do the packets hop subdomains, and if so does NAS require a NAS forwarding service -- how about VLAN?
  138. track down the original programmers who wrote the system, apply percussive trauma therapy.
  139. uninstall java
  140. underclock it
  141. ignore it
  142. post a request for comment on theDailyWTF
  143. ask for correlating evidence that the problem even exists
  144. sharpen your wooden stakes before proceeding any further
  145. melt silver crucifixes onto tips of all bullets
  146. fill your water bottle with holy water
  147. call tech support
  148. check when daylight savings begins
  149. simmer ground rhino horn on a bed of whale pancreas
  150. plan and enact your fire evacuation plan
  151. bathe in holy water
  152. increase dosage on all medications. check for interactions.
  153. bury heart of an ox at midnight under crossroads on fullmoon
  154. clean up your desk
  155. check that pump's suction pipe is elevated above bottom of pond. (Float the inlet 18 to 24 inches below the water surface)
  156. wear shoes with six inch cork soles
  157. wear raincoat, goggles, breathing apparatus
  158. climb into an anti static bag
  159. always use a condom
  160. check pressure reading on gauges number 1 and 2
  161. run it through an oscilloscope
  162. check your immunization schedule is up to date
  163. check for seismic/tectonic activity, solar flares, tsunami, meteor showers.
  164. go and get a coffee. come back and look at it with a fresh set of eyes.

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